In today’s business environment, employee benefits are an important component for companies to recruit and retain quality employees. Employers are constantly challenged by a myriad of issues when choosing an employment benefit program. Rising health costs, continuously changing federal and state legislation, and an overwhelming variety of products all present various concerns that employers must address when choosing an employee benefit program that will fit their companies.

Our trained professionals at Health Plans of Louisiana can assist you in designing and procuring an innovative benefit program that will meet the needs of you and your employees. Our professional staff can assist you in the following areas:

  • Health (PPO,POS,HMO,HRA,& HAS)
  • Long and Short Term Disability
  • Life
  • Dental
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Vision
  • COBRA Administration
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
  • Invoice Reconciliation

Health Plans of Louisiana endeavors to provide the most up-to-date information and assistance to our clients by providing the resources and tools required to make an educated decision regarding their employee benefits program Health Plans of Louisiana provides the following services:

  • General Resource Information
  • HIPAA Compliance Assistance
  • Claims and Administrative Support
  • Evaluations of Managed Care Programs
  • COBRA Administration Services
  • Voluntary Benefits Solutions
  • Access to a Quarterly Benefits Newsletter
  • Monitoring Insurance Carrier’s Product Development, financial stability, & Ratings

Administrative Services

  • Section 125 Premium Only Plan - These plans reduce income tax liabilities for employers and employees. This is because IRS Section 125 allows employees to pay their portion of medical insurance premiums using pretax or tax-free dollars. We will establish the legal plan documents, and provide all necessary enrollment forms to your group as needed.
  • COBRA Administration - We handle all aspects of COBRA which include: initial notification, eligibility notifications and applications, collection and tracking of monthly payments, and official notification to medical carriers.
  • On-site enrollment services - Schedule and provide in-house customer service reps to attend enrollment meetings with all new employees. Provide all enrollment materials, explain all benefits available to employees, submit all enrollment documents to the carriers, and also track all submitted information and ensure all employees are enrolled.
  • Invoice Reconciliation and Eligibility Tracking - We believe that performing an accurate monthly report for invoice and eligibility tracking is imperative for a successful benefits program. Our reconciliation team acts as the point of contact between employers and insurance providers. We manage eligibility and enrollment information, employee and employer contributions, as well as insurance carrier billings. We identify and report data and premium issues to insurance carriers and employers, thus reducing or eliminating the loss of premium by overpayment of premiums. This process requires constant, proactive attention to the daily adds, changes, and terminations to be sure that active members have coverage at the premiums and levels they selected, and that excess premium payments are not being made for inactive members.
  • ERISA / ACA Documentation Compliance - Does your company have an up-to-date ERISA “wrap document” on file? Are you giving your full-time employees the multiple disclosures and notices required by the Affordable Care Act? Not only do you have to provide these documents, you must distribute and track the delivery of them in a way that is approved by the Federal Government. Fines for not providing this information can exceed $100 per day/per employee. Some of these notices are specific to the benefits you offer your employees. Let our team ensure you are compliant.